Do not tell my parents!

So yesterday when I was taking a cab home, I was robbed by the driver. The car moved from Ortigas then stopped somewhere near Cubao and then next thing I know the driver pointed a gun at me, grabbed my bag, and said something in Tagalog which I didn’t need to understand since gun speaks louder than words (LOL jk).

And so I tried to grab my bag back and shouted “Let me take my passport lang” (see, even when I freaked out my talalog is still on point ‪#‎lit‬) Anw back to the story, I have no idea what gone thru my mind but I took my passport plus my wallet , threw the bag at the driver, opened the door and ran away 😦

I could have been death by now and my body could be found somewhere along the road – maybe it was a real gun (idk haven’t tested it), or I could have lost all my money and had no way to get back home (damn broke ass), maybe a lot of bad things should have happened last night but I turned out to be fine, so just want to thanks someone up there who has given me calmness and desperation to be brave enough.

(+) I’m still alive and can carry on saving the world
I still have money to live, and lucky me a laptop to type these words
I’m not mad or physically/emotionally damaged, just feel sorry for people who didn’t have enough support and living condition that leads to the act of robbing from others (which happened to be broke also)

(-) MY PHONE!! My case-less Nokia T_T how can I live without you
MY FLAT & OFFICE KEY (don’t ask me how did I get in to my flat)
My make-up kit (pangit na T_T)

Nguyễn Mim